Reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and other air pollutants is an essential part of our environmental stewardship strategy. The three main ways we minimize air pollution from our ships are:

  • Reducing overall energy use.
  • Investing in emission abatement technologies. Such technologies include Advanced Emission Purification systems, also known as scrubbers, and Selective Catalytic Reactors.
  • Utilizing alternative fuels or renewable energy sources.
The smoke stack on Navigator of the Seas.
The smoke stack on Navigator of the Seas.

TUI Cruises’ Mein Schiff 3 and Royal Caribbean International’s Quantum of the Seas are the first vessels to have all engines use a multi-stream exhaust gas cleaning system, or Advanced Emissions Purification (AEP) system, designed to treat exhaust gases created by the ship’s generators. By injecting water into the exhaust stream, the cleaning system removes approximately 98 percent of sulfur dioxide emissions, and 60 to 80 percent of particulate matter. The cleaning system is also designed to treat but not remove nitrogen oxides (NOx). The company’s decision to use scrubbers allow the vessels to continue using current fuels, which contributes to reducing the world’s demand for distillate fuels and satisfy environmental regulations.

Since 2010 and in keeping with our commitment to reducing greenhouse gases, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. has participated in the internationally recognized CDP climate change program. For more information, visit CDP’s website at www.cdp.net