World Wildlife Fund

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) announce global partnership to support ocean conservation

Five-year partnership sets ambitious and measurable goals to reduce company’s environmental footprint and support WWF’s global oceans conservation work

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (RCL) and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) announced on January 25, 2016, in Donsol, Philippines, a five-year global partnership to help ensure the long-term health of the oceans.

The partners will set measurable and achievable sustainability targets that will reduce Royal Caribbean’s environmental footprint, raise awareness about ocean conservation among the company’s more than five million guests, and support WWF’s global oceans conservation work.

The targets announced today focus on supply chain sustainability and emissions reductions through 2020. Royal Caribbean and WWF also are working together to develop targets aimed at strengthening the company’s sustainable sourcing strategy and its destination stewardship and sustainable tour operations platforms.

“Our mantra at Royal Caribbean is ‘Continuous Improvement,’ and this partnership with WWF represents a great opportunity to make a big step forward in meeting our special responsibility to protect the oceans,” said Richard D. Fain, Chairman and CEO, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. “It is also gratifying to see that our determination to make a meaningful difference is shared by our employees and our guests. This new partnership aligns all of us at RCL with WWF’s mission to conserve the world’s oceans. Together we are setting aggressive goals and together we will start implementing them right away.”

“The threats that are facing the ocean are greater than ever – in the last 30 years, some ocean wildlife populations have declined by nearly 50 percent. If we are going to reverse the downward trends, we must take serious steps to repair, restore and protect the oceans,” said Carter Roberts, WWF-US President and CEO. “This initiative centers on two core concepts: first, committing to specific and measurable targets to reduce carbon emissions, increase sustainable sourcing and build destination stewardship; and second, comprehensively engaging their millions of travelers to learn about the ocean and then act to help save it.”

Royal Caribbean Cruises and WWF jointly developed new 2020 environmental sustainability targets for the company that include:

Carbon Emissions 2020 Target

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 35 percent by 2020.

Sustainable Seafood 2020 Target

  • Responsibly source 90% of its wild-caught seafood by volume from MSC certified sustainable fisheries, fisheries in full assessment for MSC certification, comprehensive Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs), and/or sourced from International Seafood Sustainability Association (ISSA) member companies.
  • In North America and Europe operations, responsibly source 75% of its farmed seafood by volume from ASC certified responsible farms, farms in full assessment for ASC certification, and/or comprehensive aquaculture improvement projects.
  • In addition, by June 30, 2016, RCL will set specific traceability goals with targets for obtaining MSC and ASC chain of custody.

In addition, Royal Caribbean and WWF have agreed to develop and announce new targets by June 30 that will address destination stewardship. As part of this, WWF and RCL will collaborate to strengthen RCL’s destination sustainability assessment and selection process.

Royal Caribbean also will financially support WWF’s global ocean conservation work through a $5 million philanthropic contribution during the partnership, and will collaborate with WWF to build global awareness about ocean conservation issues among its millions of passengers.

The organizations made their announcement at an event in Donsol, Sorsogon, Philippines that is home to a model community-based ecotourism program. At the event, RCL also made a separate, $200,000 donation to WWF Philippines in support of conservation programs in the Donsol area.

Employee Volunteering

Employees GIVE Back


Royal Caribbean Cruise Ltd. believes in community service and our reach is global. Through our GIVE (Get Involved Volunteer Everywhere) program, our employees actively carry out charitable missions in the communities where we operate all over the world. From mentoring school children to donating to worthy causes, we strive to make a positive and lasting impact.

Hero1 - Employees GIVE Back


Since 1997, GIVE Day, our largest annual community event, has been going strong. On that day, thousands of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. employees, along with their families, friends, our vendors and business partners, donate thousands of hours to community service efforts in the United States, Europe, South America, Asia, and the Caribbean. Our many projects include neighborhood development, civic drives, environmental improvement and disaster recovery.

Inline Image2 - Give Day

Richard D. Fain, Chairman and CEO of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. is the original creator of the GIVE Day project. His inspiration came more than 20 years ago when he attended a service day sponsored by his synagogue. He was so impressed by the spirit of giving that he decided to adopt the concept as a charitable alternative to a company picnic. Along with being a meaningful way for employees to give back to the communities where we live, work and sail from, GIVE DAY also serves as a fun and practical team-building company event.

GIVE for the Holidays

Shipboard employees raise money throughout the year for charitable giving during the winter holidays. The crew members pick the charity of their choice in one of the ship’s ports of call and use the money that they raise to purchase items and other special gifts that the charity requests. It is all done in the spirit of bringing holiday joy to the families in the areas where we operate.

Executive Board Leadership

The majority of our executive officers serve on one or more boards that support the well-being of underserved communities. Their dedicated leadership and guidance have had positive and lasting effects.

Mentor Programs

KAPOW (Kids and the Power of Work)

Since 1997, employees in the Miami and Miramar offices have worked with elementary school children to get them excited about learning and to help them understand the future benefits of having a good education.

Inline Image5- KAPOW

Big Brothers Big Sisters School-to-Work

For over 15 years, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. has partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters to host monthly visits for local high school students that expose them to our work environment and mentoring them about future professional options.

Employee Activities Council

The Employee Activities Council fosters a corporate culture of support for employees by encouraging involvement in company activities and events and by showing appreciation for their loyalty and hard work.

We believe that happy employees create happy customers. We try to lead by example by fostering workplace unity and tolerance, embracing our diversity and enriching the lives of those around us. We promote having a good balance between work and our personal lives. We support company programs by hosting various fundraising events and we streamline communication of activities, events and employee involvement to ensure that they are engaged in all facets of the company and feel valued.

By increasing employee awareness and involvement at all levels, we enhance unity among coworkers. Our vision also includes doing community work that has a positive impact.

Runs and Walks

Our global offices support the United Way, Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Children’s Bereavement Center, American Heart Association, Susan G. Komen and other charities. Much of the support comes through participation in 5K runs and walks as well as regional Corporate Runs.

Destination Stewardship

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. is committed to protecting and improving the communities and environments in which we operate. That’s why we have a number of ways we take care of the destinations that our ships visit and where our employees call home. We have provided assistance after natural disasters, planted trees following the Galapagos endemic, built a school in Haiti, helped women artisans in Central America become financially stable, and have partnered with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and regional organizations to help Caribbean and Latin American nations become more sustainable. We have also earned Gold Level Eco-certification for our efforts in making our private island destinations and tour operations eco-friendly and sustainable.

Charitable Giving

Community and Cause-Related Partnerships

We are committed to establishing and maintaining community partnerships that support worthy causes around the world. Through such partnerships, we have provided educational scholarships, supported ocean preservation, recognized volunteers for their service, and made children’s wishes come true.

United Way

Our company has a long-standing partnership with United Way® and we successfully collaborate on projects that make a positive difference and have a lasting impact on the communities that we serve.


We run employee fundraising and awareness campaigns to deepen our engagement and improve our communities. The largest of these campaigns take place in South Florida, where our corporate headquarters is located. Our partners are United Way of Miami-Dade and United Way of Broward County. Several of our executives serve in volunteer leadership roles, further extending the impact our company is dedicated to making in the communities that we serve.

Pan American Development Foundation

Since 2007, our partnership with the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) has allowed us to leverage our resources to expand our reach to impoverished neighborhoods and create a greater impact for communities with the greatest needs. Our crew members are actively involved in that effort and work along with PADF’s many partners in our Latin America and Caribbean ports of call. Our collaborative projects include disaster relief in Jamaica, Mexico, Chile, Guatemala; education and sustainable livelihood programs in Peru, the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, Brazil and Honduras; and literacy programs in Argentina, Mexico, and Uruguay.

Royal Caribbean Crew and Employee Disaster Relief Fund

In addition to our regular community-based programs and partnerships, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. ready to help in times of crisis. Employees who experience natural disasters and personal crises may receive relief and assistance through the Royal Caribbean Crew and Employee Disaster Relief Fund administered by The Miami Foundation. We also extend assistance to the communities where we operate through our many charity partners.stands ready to help in times of crisis. Employees who experience natural disasters and personal crises may receive relief and assistance through the Royal Caribbean Crew and Employee Disaster Relief Fund administered by The Miami Foundation. We also extend assistance to the communities where we operate through our many charity partners.

Following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, our disaster relief fund assisted Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. members and their families who were living in the affected areas. Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises ships visiting Labadee, our private island in Haiti, transported needed supplies to those affected, as other transportation to and around the island was limited. Our ships continue to deliver needed goods to those affected.

Following the 2013 Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. $1 million to relief efforts. The amount was matched by employee contributions to the crew disaster relief fund. Our hiring partner in the Philippines established communication lines between onboard crew members and their families living in the affected areas, and we partnered with World Vision in the Philippines to extend general relief in the region and facilitate donations by our guests and social media followers.

Ocean Fund

We are committed to being good stewards of our environment, including the seas upon which we operate. We carry out our commitment through our Ocean Fund. Established in 1996, the Ocean Fund has donated more than $13 million to support 81 conservation projects such as sustainable fishing initiatives, climate change research, species preservation, and education and destination stewardship.

Through the fund we created our Saves the Waves program, and support ship design and technology upgrades.

Corporate Giving Program

In keeping with our mission to enhance the well-being of our communities, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. is happy to offer monetary funding and in-kind cruise donations to nonprofit organizations with like-minded goals. This section provides information for nonprofit organizations seeking our support.

Our corporate philosophy is to fund organizations that offer services that benefit the community that you serve. At this time, we provide support for education and marine conservation. Please note we do not support individual schools or health related organizations through this program. Requests must be made at least 90 days prior to your event.

Click here to apply

Supporting Education


Our corporate philosophy places considerable value on education. Through mentoring and other programs, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. supports the educational pursuits of employees, their families and other individuals who live in our destination communities.

L’Ecole Nouvelle Royal Caribbean

L’Ecole Nouvelle Royal Caribbean, one of the first schools to be built in Haiti after the earthquake, was officially opened by Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. on October 12, 2010.

The 6,500-square foot school complex will serve children in pre-kindergarten through 9th grade. The school, built on land that the company leases from the Haitian government, is located in northern Haiti close to nine towns and villages. Each of the six buildings has 12 classrooms, administrative offices, a computer lab and restroom facilities.


A team of 50 local Haitian workers were hired by Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., to build the school complex, which was completed in four weeks, just in time for the 2010-2011 school year. The waterproof and energy efficient buildings were constructed using fiber composite panels that can sustain hurricane winds and resist earthquake conditions. Building materials were transported from Miami on the company’s cruise ships.

The school curriculum was developed by Prodev, our Haitian partner, in keeping with the Haitian government’s educational requirements.

Florida International University (FIU) Partnership

Florida International University | Production Studio

In partnership with Florida International University (FIU), our company has created a state-of-the-art production studio which further enhances our ability to produce the highly sophisticated shows that guests sailing on Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises have come to expect.

Our joint partnership makes it possible for us to provide 20 corporate and shipboard internships for FIU students. The internships give the students unprecedented access to the production facility and opportunities to receive cruise industry training in areas such as operations, management, research and hospitality. Studio access will also be granted to students and faculty in the College of Architecture and the Arts, and the Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Also under the joint partnership, performers for Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd will be housed in existing FIU student housing and new housing will be built to for the growing student population.

CARTA Students

Starting in January 2015, five art students at FIU will work as entertainment interns at the new production facility built by the cruise lines and located at FIU’s North Campus. During the internships, the students will learn rigging, sound and lighting, vocals, costume maintenance and entertainment productions. Internship applicants will go through a selection process conducted by Human Resources personnel, as well as Royal Caribbean International and the Celebrity Cruises Entertainment staff.

Information Technology

Our Information Technology Department stays connected with FIU faculty and the most promising students in science and computer technology by attending annual science fairs. The fairs are also a good way to identify candidates for our Technology Summer Internship Program. FIU students make up 80 percent of our information technology interns who are often considered for full-time job opportunities with the company when they graduate.

Chaplin Students

Students from FIU’s Chaplin Hospitality school participate in our corporate internships program at our company headquarters in Miami, serving in the departments of Hotel Operations, Food and Beverage, Revenue Management and Shipboard Human Resources.


To learn more on our Mentoring Programs please click here.

Internships and Leadership Development

University of Miami – Building on Talent

Building on Talent (BOT) is our learning and development program for employees who exhibit high-potential to serve in leadership positions at the company. A hallmark annual event of the BOT program designed and offered by the University of Miami (UM) is a customized multi-day leadership workshop. During the workshop, UM faculty members offer their unique perspectives on topics ranging from strategy to globalization, finance, and leadership. The enlightening and thought provoking exchanges that come out of the workshop sessions often generate levels of thinking and ideas that employees take back to their jobs and help enhance work performance.

RCL/Bacardi University of Miami MBA Internship

In the summer of 2011, the University of Miami School of Business Administration, Bacardi U.S.A., Inc. and Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. announced the launch of their collaborative internship program for UM business administration students. Every year, five students are selected to spend a summer in the highly competitive program where they learn about business from different company and industry perspectives. The departments they will carry out their internships include Continuous Improvements, Finance, Marketing, Newbuild and Hotel Operations.

Global Leadership Development Program

The Global Leadership Development Program is an accelerated rotational program for recent MBA graduates. The graduates spend from 18 to 24 months intensively engaged in opportunities with the cruise lines multiple brands in the areas of Hotel Operations, Global Sales & Marketing, Revenue Management and Finance. When they successfully complete the program, they are e placed in key director-level roles leading our regional strategic plans in the United States or China.

Targeted educational institutions include:

  • Harvard
  • Princeton
  • Duke
  • Stanford
  • Wharton
  • Kellogg

Posse Foundation

The name of The Posse Foundation was inspired by a student’s lament. The student said, “I never would have dropped out of college if I had my posse with me.” Formed in 1989, The Posse Foundation identifies and supports public high school students with extraordinary academic and leadership potential that may be overlooked by traditional college selection processes. The students are placed in supportive, multicultural teams or ‘posses’ of 10 students dedicated to helping them pursue personal and academic excellence. In 2012, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. formed a partnership with The Posse Foundation and set up a Summer Internship Program providing opportunities for the students to have real world work experiences along with their formal education.

Emerging Leaders Summer Internship

Student interns of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Summer Internship Program gain valuable experiences through exposure to real-life business situations at our corporate headquarters in South Florida. For eight weeks in the summer, interns become a part of our dynamic workforce and work closely with our leadership to learn how we create the products, systems and services that help us deliver the best vacation experience to our guests. Students also have opportunities to interact with executives during Emerging Leader speaking engagements and operational ship tours.